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Workshops & Seminars

Culinary Teambuilding Workshop

Loyalty Factor trainers work with expert chefs to organize a culinary feast that is designed and prepared by managers and employees. Meant to put their management and teamwork skills to the “test of fire”, this workshop is a creative way to stress the importance of working in unison while maintaining a clear focus on individual projects. The workshop is energizing and fun, and delivers the message that camaraderie and teamwork are at the foundation of achievement. Through the workshop, Loyalty Factor links the art of cooking to the business world, making it a truly meaningful and transferable experience.

Building a High Performance Team

This experiential teambuilding session compresses learning time by engaging individuals in activities that serve as metaphors for the challenges of the workplace. Throughout the program, participants are given the opportunity to experience successful collaboration, interaction, communication and creative problem-solving. Teams typically learn how to work together better, how to serve the customer more effectively, and how to improve productivity and job satisfaction. This is accomplished by engaging in a series of high-challenge, low-risk problem-solving initiatives that illustrate and reinforce the theories and concepts the group is exploring. Colleagues will arrive at new understandings about one another, about the organization’s goals, and about each person’s influence on the future of the enterprise.

Emotional Intelligence

Most decisions are made emotionally, not rationally. Those with high I.Q.s but low E.Q.s may be great thinkers who find applying their knowledge difficult, working with others more difficult, and fulfilling their potential within a corporate setting nearly impossible. The good news is that Emotional Intelligence can be improved. An Emotionally Intelligent company is one in which employees have the confidence to contribute in a trusting environment of open and honest communication. Loyalty Factor's Emotional Intelligence at Work program helps executives and employees understand how their emotions, and the emotions of their colleagues, come into play between the hours of 9 and 5. This one-day workshop helps participants identify their personal strengths and vulnerabilities related to their E.Q.s., and develop an EQ-in-Action Plan to achieve measurable change.

Understanding Personal Communications Styles

This unique half-day program is a great tool for individuals at any level of an organization. In the course, participants gain an understanding of various communications styles and learn techniques for successful interactions. With a new understanding of interpersonal communication styles, participants are able to communicate more effectively with all audiences.

Creative Problem Solving

This interactive seminar encourages executives, managers, and employees to think of new creative ways to approach their endeavors. Every individual has different ways of expressing their talents, knowledge, values and interests, and we all have an enormous capacity to be creative and innovative. In the workshop, participants learn about their innovation style and how to maximize this style in taking on new challenges, reaching new breakthroughs, implementing change efforts and providing creative and innovative contributions to their work. Participants are challenged to rethink their current processes, strategies, and activities, which leads to increased project success.

Leading Change

This program is designed to help managers generate excitement about upcoming changes at all levels of an organization. One crucial step we address is the need to help employees recognize and say farewell to familiar processes, procedures and patterns. This course of action enables employees to acknowledge the challenge, embrace the changes and improve their productivity within their new environment. Topics covered in the program include:

  • Understanding the challenges of change:
    • Why people resist change
    • The different ways people deal with change
  • Selecting a change strategy for your organization
  • Supporting people to be effective change agents throughout the enterprise

This hands-on program includes experiential teambuilding activities with detailed instructions enabling team leaders to use these powerful initiatives to help jumpstart the change process and manage the important and necessary discussions that emerge as a result of transition and change.

Executive Change Management Workshop

Though most senior and executive managers strongly support their major change projects, many fail to take the proper steps to effectively communicate that support. This 2-3 hour workshop for senior managers and executives will outline the key activities that they should engage in at each phase of their change initiatives to proactively support and effectively encourage the change process enterprise-wide.

The Power of Magnetic Leadership Workshop

To be successful in business, one must find power within themselves to lead others. Dianne Durkin explores where power is generated and helps participants understand the necessary steps to exploit their personal communications power while leveraging technical knowledge to build a culture of reliability and responsibility. In this workshop participants will identify their personal behavioral communication style and understand how to work effectively with individuals of different styles to achieve phenomenal results as a magnetic leader.


  • Understand the power behind success
  • Explore belief – the most Powerful Persuasion tool
  • Identify one’s individual communication style
  • Practice flexing one’s style to meet the needs of others and speaking their language
  • Learn the psychology of coaching
  • Learn how to engage, empower, enrich and enable employees to improved earnings

The Power of Customer Loyalty Workshop

Designed to provide participants with action plans they can immediately implement to build customer loyalty and profitability. Participants will develop a model for developing customer loyalty for their organizations as well as learn new skills necessary to build an organization that supplies excellent customer service. In these sessions we will discuss the importance of loyalty and how to create emotional connections and exceptional experiences with customers that will last the ‘test of time’ and drive revenues and growth.


  • Develop an in depth understanding of customer loyalty
  • Explore creative and innovative trends in building loyalty
  • Set future purpose, vision and values
  • Define behaviors, characteristics and skills to build customer connections
  • Identify components of communication and building rapport, respect and trust with customers
  • Utilize empathetic listening and questioning strategies to uncover customer buying criteria

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